Half Helmets

Lightweight Motorcycle Half Helmets

Our DOT approved half motorcycle helmets are perfect for riding in warmer weather & are our most popular selling lightweight styles. Be sure to check out the smallest dot helmets. Lightweight motorcycle beanie helmets are the best option for someone looking to abide the DOT helmet laws but does not want a bulky helmet. We stock the most popular and comfortable low profile half helmets currently available in a variety of colors & graphics from Daytona, LS2 & WCL.
We carry a style for every budget weather you are looking to spend a lot or a little we have a selection for you. Be sure to check out our WCL helmets that are so low-profile and comfortable your neck will thank-you! Don't forget to check out our DOT motorcycle helmets for women full selection

**During peak season (04/01 - 08/01) there may be a short waiting period for motorcycle helmets of approx. 1-2 weeks. In the event that it will take longer to process your order we will contact you.